Teach a child to deal with loss

“Pipo, the bear who didn’t want to be alone”, the book that helps the little ones (and the parents) deal with the big emotions.
How to help the child deal with losses?
We would all like to be able to protect our children from everything. But unfortunately this is something we still can’t do. The book has arrived which, in a simple and delicate way, will help children to learn how to deal with losses and big emotions and guide parents to understand what the child is feeling and know what to do.

What to tell the little ones when their favorite pet dies? Or when you are afraid to be alone? Or when you lose one of your grandparents? Or will he spend less time with one of his parents because he has to go to work abroad, or because they are going to separate?

It is exactly to help a baby or a small child who has gone through or is going through some adversity in his life, and his parents, that the psychologist Clementina Almeida launched the book “Pipo, the bear who did not want to be alone”.

In this book, Pipo is afraid of being alone and asks her parents for help. This is where his mommy tells him that he is never alone, because he has in his heart an invisible treasure, where all the people he loves are kept.

Pipo discovers that, in reality, we never run out of those we love, even when we are angry or separated, and that love overcomes everything.

Pipo, the bear who didn’t want to be alone
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How to help children overcome their fear of separation from their loved ones?
And how to help them deal with feelings like anger, death, loss, anger, or distance?

Talking about loss at the moment it happens will certainly help children deal with loss later. To help parents, the book contains several tips that will help them understand what their child is feeling and know what to do.

The child’s level of development will depend on how they understand loss or separation. The situation should be explained to the extent of their understanding abilities.

In a simple and delicate way, this book addresses a way to overcome the fear of loss or separation to which, unfortunately, the little ones are not immune, providing a psychological metaphor through which children can easily deal with the situation.

Children learn that, in reality, we are never without those we love. Although we can’t see them when we want to and with our eyes, we can always feel their presence in our heart.

In the case of divorce, for example, Clementina Almeida says that the ideal is that the mother and father talk to the children explaining that the love they feel for them has not changed, but that they no longer like each other. Transmitting security is another priority in this situation. Parents must certify their children that, despite the divorce, they will continue to be present at the most important moments of their lives.

Learning to deal with the big emotions
This book is part of Prof. Clementina Almeida’s most recent collection, called 4Babies. In the four books already on the market, the different milestones of emotional development that babies go through in their first 3 years of life are discussed.

In each one of them, the main character faces one of these temporary difficulties, making the child identify with the main character and replicating the strategy used by him to solve the problem.

The four characters: Pipo, Duda, Tita and Luca, overcome issues such as losses, fears, tantrums and enjoyment.

A collection not to be missed, not only for those who want to understand their children better, but also to help their little hearts to deal with these emotions of big people. And to have a much calmer family life.

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